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Typescript Usage

The DevCycle React SDK is written in Typescript and includes a full Typescript interface.

It is also possible to enhance the type safety of the SDK by using the Devcycle CLI to generate a type definition based on the complete set of variables defined in your project. Using this method, you can ensure that your code cannot access a variable key that is not defined in DevCycle, or treat a variable as a different type.

For example, if you have a variable with the key my-variable which is a string type, the following code would produce a type error:

// type error, can't use a boolean default value since we know it's a string
const myVariable = useVariableValue('my-variable', false)


// type error, can't use the unknown key 'some-key'
const myVariable = useVariableValue('some-key', 'default-value')


// this works, since we know this key exists and is a string
const myVariable = useVariableValue('my-variable', 'default-value')


To use this enhanced type-safety, you can use the CLI to generate a set of Typescript overrides which will increase the specificity of the SDK's hooks to check for keys and types specific to your project.


To generate the type definitions with the CLI, you can use the generate types command like so:

dvc generate types --react

See the documentation for this command

Ensure that the CLI is properly setup and authenticated to your project before running this command. See the CLI docs for further instructions on setting up the CLI.

This command will generate a file called dvcVariableTypes.ts in the configured output directory. This file contains new definitions for the useVariable and useVariableValue hooks which wrap the original SDK methods in more specific types. These wrapped methods should now be used in place of the original methods provided by the SDK.

Consider configuring this command to run as part of your build process to keep your type definitions up to date with the latest configuration from DevCycle.