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DevCycle Next.js SDK

The DevCycle Next.js SDK lets you easily integrate your Next.js applications with DevCycle.

The SDK is available as a package on npm. It is also open source and can be viewed on Github. This SDK depends on the fetch API.

Npm package version GitHub


  • full support for App Router and server components
  • keep server and client rendered content in sync with the same variable values
  • realtime updates to variable values for both server and client components
  • support for Suspense streaming rendering with non-blocking variable state retrieval
  • support for static page rendering
  • exclude component code from client bundle when feature is disabled


  • Minimum Next.js version: 14.1
  • Minimum React version: 18.2
  • Variable evaluations and custom events are only tracked in client components in App Router.
  • Self-Targeting is currently unavailable on the Next.js SDK.