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SDK Overview

DevCycle has both client-side and server-side SDKs. This page describes the differences between these SDK types. Implementation and usage change depending on which type of SDK is being used.


Explore our SDK Features and Functionality to discover how to implement your solutions using the DevCycle SDKs.

Client Side SDKs

DevCycle client-side SDKs are meant for single-user contexts, such as web browsers and mobile apps. These SDKs retrieve their configuration for the current user when they are initialized and any time the user is re-identified. They also receive updates in real time when configuration is changed in the DevCycle platform.

The current Client-Side SDKs are:

Server-Side SDKs

Server-side SDKs are used in multi-user contexts such as backend services, where each call to the SDK will likely be for a different user. The user's ID and any other targeting information must be passed in on every SDK function call.

The current Server-Side SDKs are: