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The Variable Dashboard


This article serves to describe the Variables page and its uses. For deeper information on creating and managing Variables within a feature, read Creating Variables and Variations.

Using the Variables Page

The Variables page is a collection of all Variables used within a project on a single list. In more complex or longer running projects, the Variables dashboard is useful to quickly find exactly what Feature is controlling a Variable (if any).

To navigate to this page, use the variables button on DevCycle dashboard's top bar:

DevCycle Dashboard top bar with arrow pointing to Variables Dashboard button

This will lead you to the Variables list:

Variables dashboard page with list of variables as well as search functionality

The list will show:

  • Variable Name

    The name given to the Variable upon its creation

  • Feature

    The name of the Feature that is currently managing a variable. Note that Variables can only be managed by a single Feature at a time. If you wish to change what Feature is managing a Variable, first remove that Variable from a feature as outlined in Creating Variables and Variations. If the Variable is NOT being managed by a Feature, this column will note the lack of Feature. Click on a Feature name to navigate directly to the Feature managing this Variable

  • Type

    The type of the feature flag. This type can one of: Boolean, JSON, Number, Boolean, or String.

  • Created At

    The time this Variable was first created.

  • Created At

    The time this Variable was first created.

Variable Details

To access variable details, click "View Info" on the Variables list page for your Desired Variable


This page contains two sections:

Variable Info


This section allows for the modification of the display name of the Variable, as well as the ability to provide a more detailed description of the Variable.

Code References


To use the Code Refs feature, the DevCycle action for Code References must be enabled within your repository.

The Code References section is a collection of all of the areas within your codebase this Variable is actually being referenced, with a link out to the exact location within your GitHub codebase.