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The Feature Dashboard


This article serves to explain how to use the Feature Management dashboard on DevCycle. This page is where all of your features can be viewed, edited, and filtered for search. This page will show all features within the current Project.

DevCycle Feature Dashboard showing a list of Features and a search

The Features List

On this page there is a list of all of your Project's features. To view another Project's features, use the Project dropdown on the top of the Dashboard.

DevCycle top bar's Project Dropdown Expanded to show Current Project

From this page, you can create a Feature Flag by clicking "Create New Feature" or the + in the top bar.

DevCycle Feature Dashboard with arrows highlighting the create button on the page as well as the persistent button in the top bar

To learn more about creating a Feature, start with Your First Feature

The features list has the following columns:

  • Creator

    This will show the icon of the user who created this Feature.

  • Name

    The Feature's name. This can be changed at any time by editing the Feature.

  • Key

    This is the feature's Key. Use this key to reference the Feature in the SDKs or APIs.

  • Feature type

    The selected type of the Feature. Use this to organize your Features.

  • # Of Variables

    This will show a count of how many variables are used within this Feature. To learn more read Creating Variables and Variations

  • Edit

    Click this to edit on the row the Feature.

Use the search input to search by Name, Key, or Description. The filters can be used to filter by Type or Creator. Each column header can be clicked to sort the column.

By default, the list is sorted by created date ascending.