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GitHub: Feature Flag Change Insights on Pull Request

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With this Github action, information on which DevCycle features have been added or removed in a code change will be shown directly on each Pull Request as a comment.

Note: This is intended for pull_request workflow events

Example Output

Example Output


Create a new Actions workflow in your GitHub repository (e.g. devcycle-insights.yml) in the .github/workflows directory. In your new file, paste the following code:

on: pull_request

runs-on: ubuntu-latest
name: Generate DevCycle PR Insights
- uses: actions/checkout@v3
fetch-depth: 0
- uses: DevCycleHQ/feature-flag-pr-insights-[email protected]
# Token generated by GitHub
github-token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
# Your DevCycle project key
project-key: your-project-key
# Your organization's DevCycle API client ID & secret
client-id: ${{ secrets.DVC_CLIENT_ID }}
client-secret: ${{ secrets.DVC_CLIENT_SECRET }}

We recommend including your DevCycle API credentials and project token as inputs. If included, the PR comment will be enriched with Feature Flag data from DevCycle.

When referencing your API client ID and secret, we recommend using GitHub Secrets to store your credentials securely.


github-tokenyesThe GitHub Actions token e.g. secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN
project-keynoYour DevCycle project key, see Projects
client-idnoYour organization's API client ID, see Organization Settings
client-secretnoYour organization's API client secret, see Organization Settings
only-comment-on-changenoIf true, comments will only be added to PRs when changes to DevCycle variables are detected. Defaults to false.


The patterns used to identify references to variables in your code are fully customizable. This action uses the DevCycle CLI under the hood, for details on how to configure the pattern matcher see the CLI configuration.