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Adding Team Members


This article serves to explain how to add Team Members to your organization. All Members within your organization will automatically have access to all features, however they may have different roles. To read more about roles, read Team Member Roles.

Adding Members

Members are added to an Organization from the Organization Settings page.

Once here, navigate to the "Team" page of the settings:

An Organization's Team Settings Page, with a list of members in the current org

This page will contain a list of all Members within the current Organization.

From here, you can click the "Add Team Member" button to add a new Member to your Organization.

Add Member Button Highlighted on Team Settings page

This will bring up a window where you can enter the email of the user you wish to invite:

A modal with information on inviting a Member to the Organization

This will send an email to the Member, allowing them to start the process of creating an account

When a Member is added and an account is created, the user will begin within the Member role. To learn more about Roles, read Team Member Roles.

Editing Members

To view more detail of a Team Members within your Organization, click the "View Profile" button on the Member's list for the user you wish to view:

An arrow pointing to the "view" button on a Member on the Members list

This will lead to the User's profile page where you may modify their Team Member Role if you are an Owner of the Organization.

Removing Members

To remove a Team Members from your Organization, either allow your SAML provider such as Okta to deactivate the account, or click the "remove" button on the Member's list for the user you wish to remove:

Arrow pointing to remove button beside a Member

This will then remove the user from the Organization entirely.