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Roles & Permissions


Roles within DevCycle determine what functionality specific Members in an organization may access.

DevCycle's roles can be used to ensure that certain users are entirely unable to make modifications to any Production environments.


At the moment, roles and permissions are for Enterprise and Business Customers only. However, you can reach out to discuss this with us if necessary.

Assigning Roles

To assign a role to a team member, simply navigate to their profile. If you have the requisite role, you will be able to assign a new role to the member by using the Role dropdown.

Change Roles Dropdown

After you have selected a role, click "save" and the team member's permissions will be automatically updated.


There are three main roles in DevCycle


This is the default role given to all users on the platform when not on an Enterprise or Business plan. All owners of an organization will be able to create/modify all items.


A publisher can create and modify all things in the platform except for other members' roles. They can modify items that are in production and can also fully delete features and archive variables even if in production.


This role prevents any modification of any item that is enabled in production. This includes modifying targeting rules, variables, variations, or environments in any scenario where it would impact a feature in a Production environment.