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Billing & Usage


This page reviews the billing section of your organization's settings and aims to clarify how to manage your payment info and upgrade your plan as necessary.

Your Billing Info

Your billing info including current plan and the payment information associated with your organization can be found in the settings section of the platform under Billing & Plan.

On this page you'll be presented with three sections.

  1. Your Plan
  2. Payment Method
  3. Cancel Subscription

1. Your Plan

This section of the Billing & Plan page shows the currently active plan for your Organization. It provides a description of what's available on that plan and what capacity you can expect.

From this section you can also review other plan tiers and upgrade by clicking the "Change Plan" button.

2. Payment Method

This section allows you to add a credit card if you have not already done so.


If you are currently seeing a notification that you have time remaining in your trial and you would like to stop receiving that notification add a card here and that notification will go away.

If your card has expired or if you would like to switch your payment method you can also update your payment method here.

3. Cancel Subscription

If you need to cancel your subscription for any reason just use the "contact sales" button to send us a message and someone from our customer success team will help you.