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Organizations, Projects & Your Flags


This article serves to explain how DevCycle manages Organizations, Projects, and Features. Organizations contain Projects which contain your Features and Environments. A user may be part of multiple Organizations. All users in an Organization are part of all Projects.


Organizations Are the top level of the Account hierarchy within DevCycle. Organizations are where all Projects and Users are managed. An Organization contains Projects and Users. Users within an organization will have the same permissions across all projects.

Projects Are contained within an organization. Any user within an Organization will have access to all Projects within it.

Features are contained within Projects. Each Feature is unique to its project.

Viewing your Organization or Project

To view the current Organization or change Organizations, click on the Account icon dropdown on the top right of the DevCycle Dashboard.

Dropdown on DevCycle dashboard for account settings and org info pointing at current org

The currently active Organization will have a green badge next to it.

To view the current Project or change projects, click the Projects dropdown on the top left of the Dashboard.

DevCycle top bar's Project Dropdown Expanded to show Current Project

The currently viewed project will have a green badge next to it.

Organization Settings

To access the settings for the current Organization, ensure the Organization you wish to modify is selected and click the settings button in the account dropdown.

Dropdown on DevCycle dashboard for account settings and org info pointing at settings

This will navigate you to the Settings page.

In this page there will be a section with your Organization's name. All of the pages in this section are directly related to the Organization.

Picture of an example DevCycle Organization's main settings page

On the Organization settings page there are the following fields and items:

  • Organization Name This is your organization's name which will be used throughout the Dashboard as well as in the API responses.

  • Organization ID The internal identifier for your organization. Mainly used for billing purposes

  • Client ID and Client Secret Please refer to API and SDK Keys

Projects and Project Settings

To manage the Projects within the current Organization, navigate to the "Projects" page in the settings

The current DevCycle Organization's Project Setting Page, showing a list of all projects in the Organization

On this page is a list of all of your Organizations Projects.

As discussed in Environments, Environments are contained within projects.

To create a new Project, click the "Create a new Project" button. This will open the create project modal:

The Create Project Modal

Which has the following fields:

  • Name This is the Project's name which will be visible throughout the DevCycle dashboard. This may be changed at a later time.

  • Key This is the Project's unique key which is used to reference the project in the Management API.

  • Description A descriptive text about the project. Can be changed at a later time.

Once created, the Project will be created and will have three Environments: Development, Staging, and Production. This project will immediately be ready for use and Features can now be created within it.

To edit a Project, click the Edit button on the Project's row on the Project list. This will bring up the editing window, which allows you to modify the Projects Name and Description.