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SDK Visibility

Typically, DevCycle Variables are served to any SDK where the identified user matches the configured set of targeting rules. This behaviour is suitable for most applications. However, there are cases where a project may contain server-side Features that should never have their Variables served to client and/or mobile SDKs. It can become cumbersome and risky to ensure Targeting Rules exclude those SDKs in every server-only Feature.

For this purpose, DevCycle supports an "SDK Visiblity" setting. Setting this allows for control over which SDK types can receive a Feature. Only SDKs corresponding to the checked types will receive the Feature in the configuration, and Targeting Rules will not be evaluated for unselected platforms. Evaluating a Variable on unselected SDK platforms will result in the default value being served. The setting defaults to "Server" SDKs only on every new Feature, ensuring a safe default that must be explicitly changed to expose a Feature to clients.

How to enable

To use SDK visibility settings, the feature must first be enabled from the Edit Project page.

Organization SDK Visibility Setting

Once enabled, the setting will appear on the Feature page, and you can control which SDK types can use the Feature.

Feature SDK Visibility Setting