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Team Member Roles


Roles within DevCycle determine what functionality specific Members in an organization may access. At the moment, all Members may access all functionality except billing. To read more about Members and how to add them, read Team Members.

Viewing Roles

Team Member roles are accessed via the Organization Settings page.

Once here, navigate to the "Team" page of the settings:

An Organization's Team Settings Page, with a list of members in the current org

This page will contain a section outlining the roles within DevCycle.

The roles that are available to assign to Members of a DevCycle Organization

Currently the two roles are:

Team Member: The default permissions assigned to a Member

Owner: Full admin permissions across the app

Editing a Member's Role

There are two ways of editing a Member's role.

Option one is to directly view the Member's profile. To view the profile of a Team Members within your Organization, click the "View Profile" button on the Member's list for the Member you wish to view:

An arrow pointing to the "view" button on a Member on the Members list

This will lead to the Member's profile page where you may modify their role by enabling whichever role the Member should have:

A Member's Profile Page highlighting the Role toggles within

The other option is to click the role name from the Team page:

Arrows pointing to the Roles at the top of the Teams setting page

This will show you a list of all Member with that role assigned:

A page showing all of the Members which are within a Role

From here you may Add a new Member to this role:

Arrow pointing to the Add Member button on a Role page

Or you may Remove a member from this role.:

Remove button on a Role page