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This section will cover how to initialize each SDK as well as explain their starting options.

Client-Side SDKs

Caching of Configurations

When initialized, each client-side SDK will cache the retrieved configuration for the user.

This cache will be used in scenarios where on subsequent initializations a new configuration is not available. This may be due to a lack of internet connection or a lack of connection to DevCycle.

Additionally, if the SDK is interacted with before any initialization (such as attempting to read a variable far early on in an application before initialization), the cached value will be read.

If a variable is first read from the cache and has a listener for realtime updates, if a new value is retrieved after initialization, the onUpdate function will be triggered.

Client-Side SDK Usage

• Javascript SDK

• React SDK


• Android SDK

• React Native SDK

• Flutter SDK

Server-Side SDK Usage

• Node SDK

• C# / .NET Local SDK

• C# / .NET Cloud SDK

• Go SDK

• Python SDK

• Ruby SDK


• Java Local SDK

• Java Cloud SDK